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Swedish Relaxation Massage is the most common type of therapeutic massage. The goal of this treatment is to thoroughly relax you, reducing tension, releasing tense muscles. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and rebalanced. The environment is warm and inviting, you might experience a heightened sense of calm, simply by entering the space. The amount of pressure people prefer, during relaxation massage, varies from a light touch to a more firm pressure. We will discuss your preference for pressure before we begin the treatment, our open communication during the treatment will ensure that your expectations are exceeded. 

Deep Tissue Regional Massage focuses on addressing each layer of the muscled and connective tissue. It is especially effective for stiff neck, sore shoulders, tight lower back muscles and much more. This treatment tends to move at a slower pace, with an intense focus on specific regions of the body. Many techniques are employed with the goal of breaking up adhesions, releasing tight fascia tissue and opening up areas of tightness. After a session, you may feel sore for a day or two, as if you performed a heavy workout but this should pass quickly, leaving your tissue healthier than it was before the treatment. Deep tissue regional work may be added on to a relaxation massage treatment for an additional fee.

Pregnancy Massage is also commonly referred to as prenatal massage. With over seven years experience in the field of pregnancy and childbirth, we specialize in prenatal massage, to support you and your baby, both physically and emotionally, thorough this transitional time. Prenatal massage will help release sore muscles, relax tight ligaments and reduce the stress that pregnancy brings to your body and mind. You will feel safe and secure in our warm, inviting space. Your body will be supported thoroughly with many pillows. You will feel warm and cozy under a soft blanket. Our prenatal massage treatments offer relief for areas of tension and deep relaxation with long, flowing strokes. We pay special attention to areas that compensate for your changing body and your lymph system will be assisted in processing and releasing the excess fluid that leads to swelling in your extremities. 

Reiki Energy Healing is the ancient art of using connective touch and healing intentions, to help rebalance energy flow and reduce tension. The energy of unconditional love flows through my hands into your body, helping to realign your body and spirit so you may achieve a more balance state of being. Charity is a Reiki Master through the school of Usui Reiki. Reiki treatments may be added on to a relaxation massage treatment for an additional fee. Complete chakra balancing sessions are also available.

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